Flexible stone veneer: know-how technology, equipment, molds
Flexible stone veneer: know-how technology, equipment, molds
The company Zikam Stone developed a technology for the production of flexible stone wall panels on the basis of micro cement. The average size of flexible panels - 1x0,5 m, average thickness is 2 mm. the Weight of one stone panels is about 1 kg. Technology allows us to produce flexible panels veneer length up to 3 meters. Unlike analog, the material is non-flammable and vapor permeable. Cost of finished goods at the level of 3-4 dollars per 1 square meter.
The decorative surface of the flexible panels are durable and hard as a real stone. The surface has a pronounced relief. For example, cleavage of natural Sandstone. Interesting and popular new are flexible wall panel with the texture of "crocodile skin". These panels are virtually indistinguishable from natural crocodile! Under the order, we can manufacture tooling for the production of flexible and thin wall panels with any texture and topography (metal, wood, masonry, etc.).
The company Zikam Stone is a large manufacturer of polyurethane and silicone molds for artificial stone veneer. In our collection there are more than 100 types of molds for cultured stone and decorative pavers. Companies from around the world are using our products (molds and technology for business).

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